Celebrating 30 years of World Wide Web, today

Google celebrates 30 years of World Wide Web (WWW) with a doodle dedicated for the same. It was Tim Berners-Lee who invented the “WWW” back in 1989. Berners-Lee laid out the basic concepts of the WWW in a proposal while he worked at CERN, Switzerland, along with a document titled “Information management: a proposal”, wherein he envisioned the use of hypertext to link documents. The first web browser was written in 1990 and the first web browser was released in 1991.

Today, the World Wide Web (WWW) is the primary tool used by millions of people to interact on the Internet. The WWW, commonly known as the Web, is an information space where documents and other web resources are identified by Uniform Resource Locators (URLs). It is more an online application built on the innovations, namely, the HTML language, URL addresses, and hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP). It has become a decentralized community, founded on principles of universality, consensus, and bottom-up design.

Jeff Jaffe, CEO of the World Wide Web Consortium says, “There are very few innovations that have truly changed everything and the Web is the most impactful innovation of our time.”

Happy 30th Anniversary to the World Wide Web!!

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