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All about the new Android Pie

The latest version of Google’s mobile operating system, Android P, also known as Android 9 / Android Pie, is powered by artificial intelligence. This update includes additions that contribute as quality-of-life improvements, making the Android smartphone smarter, faster and enabling better user experience. Android P adapts to how a person uses his phone, learns the user preferences and keeps things run smoother. It helps to embrace circles and rounded edges, implying that the notifications have rounded edges and the quick-setting tiles are in pie-shaped circles.

Android P provides the best feature ever – gesture navigation. The navigation buttons are replaced by a pill-shaped icon that works in the same old way. Tap on it to go to ‘Home’, press and hold to open ‘Google Assistant’.

The Settings app has been revamped with a more colourful round interface, that gives the OS a more friendly feel. Also, now we can use ‘swipe’ instead of ‘tap’ on icons. The back button is also redesigned, giving it a more angular and smaller look. It appears on the left of the home button and works in the same manner as before. ‘Recents’ button is no longer available, yet the recently opened apps can be accessed by press-and-hold to the right, to scroll through the recent apps. We can switch back to the previous app by dragging the home button to the right. Doing a half-swipe from the bottom of the screen upwards shows the full list of recent apps. A full swipe opens up the app drawer.

Focused to make our digital lives more organized, Google presents Android Pie (Android 9), the ninth major update and the 16th version of the Android operating system.

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