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Ad version history

The changes in version history interface help If you’re one to edit ads in AdWords rather than a pause or remove old ads, then add new ones, now you can easily compare all those old ad variations.

How it works

When you edit an ad, such as change the final URL, you can see the old version of the ad by looking at its version history. it includes the dates each version was edited, how long that version was in place for, and what changed.

The information about how long the version was in place can include review periods

or periods where the ad wasn’t showing, for example, because it was paused. You can download a CSV report of your ad’s history.

To get to the new version history screen, available only in the new AdWords interface, hover next to an ad, click on the pencil icon that appears and selects “See version history.”

version history

It shows all the old versions with the dates they were edited, how long they were in place and what changed. To see performance metrics, you’ll need to click the Columns icon and select the metrics you want to see.

The data can be exported to a spreadsheet.

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