Copying and Stealing of Marketing Strategy

What, exactly, is the difference between copying a successful marketing strategy and stealing that strategy? Well, the difference lies mostly in the nuance of how you borrow their hack. Do you take their lessons and create your own strategy? Or do you mimic them perfectly, verging on plagiarism? The former is copying, and the latter is stealing.

Plagiarism is, of course, something you need to keep in mind when stealing someone else’s marketing strategy. You don’t want to get into legal trouble, and you don’t want your audience to see you as a shady, spammy website. You do, though, want to use strategies that work. And when a competitor stumbles across one of these worthwhile hacks, there’s no reason you should hesitate to follow suit.

If you are, that means you have the same or a very similar audience and his content will attract your audience. And you can use that to your advantage. You can take the above video, for example, and jot down all of the key points within it. Then make, edit, and publish your very own video that talks about the same thing.

You want to make sure you include subtitles in the video like he does.And maybe even try to mimic the interview setting. That is what stealing looks like. Copying, on the other hand, would simply be a matter of taking his ideas and creating some type of content around those ideas. It’s not nearly as direct, and for that reason, not nearly as effective.

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