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5 Social Media Services That You Can Use to Beat Your Competition

Social media Services

1. Agora Pulse for scheduling

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Agora plus is one of the social media management services.  On top of that, you can market new content with ease and even run promotions directly from the application.

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2. Bitly for link tracking

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You simply copy a current, live website link like your newest blog post, type it into the bar, and hit enter. Then you get a shortened link that looks clean and tracks tons of useful data automatically.

Once it’s created, it will give you the new link to copy or share and will give it the same title that it pulled from your original link.

3. Quintly for analytics

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Quintly is probably my favorite social media analytics service on the web today.

Meaning I have to dig around and set up tons of detailed, custom reports just to get a little bit of data. Quintly works for comparing the competition, too. It allows you to benchmark your competitors’ social strategies to get ahead, and that’s exactly what I (and you) need.

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4. MeetEdgar for automated posting

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MeetEdgar is a diverse content delivery system for social media. Edgar is a powerful automation tool that shares your best content over and over, saving you tons of time every week.

5. Socedo for generating leads

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It works with Twitter and LinkedIn to find the best, most qualified leads. Then, it automatically delivers them to your sales funnel.  And the features that you get are almost incomparable to any other social media service.

Being able to A/B test within the application itself is huge. On top of that, the leads that I’ve produced using Socedo have been excellent.  The targeting is specific and refined, so you aren’t just going after random accounts, but people who actually want your products and services.

If you are currently struggling to make the best out of lead capture on social media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn, try using Socedo to automate the process for you.

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