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9 Tips for Ranking in Google’s Featured Snippets

What is a Google featured snippet?

 Featured snippets take up the most space on a search results page. They’re usually at the very top of the page, too. Google will answer your question with a snippet containing information about your question above all of the other links on the search results.

Google usually pulls them right from the content that’s already ranking on page one, but it can also pull from lower ranking SERPs. These featured snippets make finding answers easier than ever before because you don’t have to click anything to view the information.

They dominate the SERPs, give you tons of exposure, and keep your website far above the fold. Plus, they’ll boost your company’s credibility quicker than any other method.

Types of featured snippets

There are three major types of featured snippets:

  • Paragraph
  • List
  • Table

When it comes to paragraph style featured snippets, Google gives an answer to the searcher in text rather than a list. There may also be an image that accompanies the text, like this:

Tip #1: Use SEMrush to find competitors’ snippets

SEMrush is a great analytics resource, but did you know that you can also use the tool to find featured snippets

pasted image 0 93

Tip #2: Use Google to uncover snippet opportunities

One of the best ways to find snippets that you can optimize content for is to think like your audience.

pasted image 0 84

For the term you look for, the snippet might contain a list or a series of steps. And who knows — the featured content might already be yours. This is a quick way to identify competitors and content ideas in one easy step. Now, you can steal their snippet with a bit of time and effort.

Tip #3: Find content ideas on Answer the Public

The best place to find out the types of questions people might be asking about a particular topic is Answer the Public. Just type it in and you’ll receive tons of suggestions for questions related to the topic that you can answer with your content.

pasted image 0 159

Tip #4: Do keyword research

pasted image 0 175

This is awesome for uncovering which featured snippets your competitors are currently ranking for.Plus, if you already rank high for a particular keyword, it’s worth finding out if Google currently brings up featured snippets for those keywords.

Tip #5: Answer multiple questions

Well, it also uncovered that once a page earns a featured snippet, it’s more likely to become featured in other related queries. That’s why you should structure your article in a way that answers every related question in one location.

pasted image 0 133

Tip #6: Stay within the optimal word count

Keep your section tight and concise so that Google can easily feature your content. Section off your lists, paragraphs, and steps rather than letting them all run together.

According to SEMrush, this is a pretty normal length for a featured snippet. Their analysis found that “[t]he most common length of content in featured snippets is between 40-50 words.”

pasted image 0 179

Tip #7: Use headers

One quick, simple way to format your content for featured snippets is to make sure that you break up each section.

Tip #8: Add a “how-to” section to your website

Since featured snippets are such a great opportunity to attract website traffic and gain new leads, it’s a smart idea to redesign your site in a way that lets you optimize “how-to” content.

pasted image 0 99

High-quality images and videos also boost your chances of ranking for featured snippets.

Tip #9: Add high-quality images and video

Most people love to learn visually, which is why photos and videos can help you rank for featured snippets. Adding images to each step doesn’t have to be hard. I have repeatedly said that Canva is a great tool for creating your own images because it truly is.

pasted image 0 117


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