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What is AdWords certified and how do you get it

Since Google is the most popular search network on the web right now, they need to use it. Google is the best place for brands to buy ads for their target keywords. And these brands are out there, searching through thousands of PPC agencies that specialize in AdWords services and can help them out. Google currently leads the world in mobile and digital ad revenue.

In fact, Google parent company Alphabet actually makes more money on digital advertising sales than any company on the planet. For 2017, they are on pace to generate nearly $74 billion in net digital ad sales. When you compare the revenue of Google to Facebook, you can quickly see that Google is still dominating the mobile and digital ad market.

Google’s PPC advertising platform, AdWords, is one of the most effective platforms for driving sales. According to Google, the certification is a professional accreditation that Google gives to individuals/companies that show proficiency in AdWords.

With the accreditation, you can display a badge on your site that shows that Google recognizes you as an advanced AdWords user and an expert in PPC advertising. The Google AdWords certification is essentially a badge that you can show off on your resume, website, and social profiles to drive more sales for your business.

First, you have to sign up for a Google Partner account.Head to the Google Partner page and click “Join Now” to start. It’s easy to set up your account and get started working toward your badge today.

Simply fill out your Partner page profile with contact information.Then, you need to take some exams. To get an AdWords certification, you need to pass two exams:

1. It’s a form of social proof and credibility

The AdWords certification is like any other certification that you can get online. It has the same purpose: To demonstrate credibility, knowledge, and skill in a specialized niche. And most of all, it acts as instant social proof and credibility. Social proof involves displaying good reviews from and the logos of reputable clients that have used and love your product and/or service.

2. It creates a stronger value proposition

Value propositions are designed to explain to the user what value they will derive from your product or service. There’s a simple method I’ve used to create value propositions in the past. It’s a basic formula that can help you deliver value and benefit to your customer. Product/Service with key features ensures that customer will be able to top benefit.

3. Certifications can help build your resume

Building a resume should be a constant effort. A great resume is another way to communicate success in the world of entrepreneurship. Resumes are yet another way you can communicate the value of your personal brand. You can use them to showcase your achievements in your field if you ever want to land an investment or bring on a new partner.

4. It gives you free promotion

Becoming a Google AdWords Certified Partner has countless benefits for any given business or entrepreneur. You can use the certification to build social proof, gain credibility, and even drive more sales with a better value proposition. But one of the best benefits comes in the form of free promotion.

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