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Keyword optimization for better page ranking

Ranking of particular keywords depends on the level of competition for the keyword. The highly competitive keywords take a lot of time to rank and same isn’t possible without taking help of top SEO Agency. However, the keywords with very low competition can be ranked without outsourcing the SEO work.

So what is important here is the “keyword”. The beginner must start from low competitive keywords but the problem is how to check the level of Competition. There are readily available online tools which will provide the accurate data about the level of keyword competition.

  • SEMRUSH is most trusted among all but the cost per month is relatively high.
  • Kwfinder is the one which I use and recommends for bloggers and freelancers. It is a simple but very effective tool.
  • Ferzy is also a low-cost option and very handy to use.

I hope you will find out your final keywords with above tool. Note down them in a file. Now you want that they should rank high in SERP. To achieve this you have to do On-page & Off-page SEO.

On-Page SEO

  • As you already have the keyword, you can easily write meta title & descriptions.
  • Write more and more unique and inter-related content. I mean to say that don’t forget your niche. Be focused.
  • Internal Linking: This is the thing which many of us don’t implement in a perfect way. Suppose you have selected a keyword “best 40-inch smart tv in India”. At the time of internal linking, you must use the same anchor text (best 40-inch smart tv in India) to link your related page or post. Same rules apply for external linking. Anchor text plays a vital role in SEO.

Off page SEO

Off-page SEO is tricky and time-consuming. Most people hire agencies for Off-page SEO. There are lots of way for it. We will see few of them one by one

Crete Social profile on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. Share your post or products or announcements regularly on social media

  • Submit site to top directories.
  • Create Web2.0 profile links
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Forum posting (Best example Quora)
  • Link building through the Guest post on top news/blog site of top PA/DA. You can do above three by own but this one is more difficult. But you can get the same with the help of experts or professionals.

Search engine Optimization takes time. You have to keep patience.

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