How well do Facebook Ads perform for B2B services?

Facebook Ads is a very effective advertising platform for B2B, that allows you to promote your business without necessarily having a huge marketing budget.

If you are in the B2B market, Facebook allows you to target people who work in certain industries or companies, defining their position (CEO, consultants, etc.).

Why it is so powerful?

Simply, because Facebook Lead Ads it’s such a smart advertising option! It shows your product or service directly into the news feed of the target audience chosen for your ads campaign.

What does this mean for you?

It means that, with the integration of the ads with the social scrolling, the user doesn’t feel haunted by the advertisement.

Plus (and this is a BIG plus) people can subscribe to your list without leaving his feed, in just two clicks.

What are the real benefits you can obtain by using Facebook Leads Ads?

There are 2 main areas of your business that you can improve using Facebook leads Ads.

Cost reduction

Facebook Lead Ads is a cost-effective tool. In fact, it is cheaper than traditional Facebook Ads that drive to a website landing page.

Based on our experience, by using Facebook lead ads the cost per lead is 8 times less compared to other online advertising channels.

There’s no doubt that by using Lead Ads you can definitely save money.

Enlarge and customize your audience

There are different ways to enlarge and customize your audience through Facebook Lead Ads.

Many marketers use Facebook to target people based on their interests, age, gender or job.

However, you have many more options to reach the right audience.

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