Chatbots in branding

So what makes Chatbots important

In stores, the average conversion rates are between 20 and 30% whereas online, this figure oscillates around 2%. The difference in shops is that they offer a rich, visual and tangible customer experience. Customers can interact with sales assistants and other customers.

Chatbots can be a solution to keep contact with customers online: they are present on a multitude of channels, they are available at any time and inexpensive. Discover tips, best practices and expert advice on chatbots in this white paper.

What exactly are chatbots?

First thing’s first. What is a chatbot? It’s an application aimed at automating tasks or stimulating conversations. This computer programme can read messages (emails, text messages, chat conversations, etc.) and answer them in a few seconds thanks to a combination of pre-registered responses. Chatbots should not be confused with artificial intelligence which refers to devices which imitate or replace human cognitive features. All bots do not possess artificial intelligence.

Messaging players say that today, 20% of conversations can be completely automated (Gartner)

Engaging customers with chatbots

Chatbots represent advantages for both brands and customers. Available at any time, in real-time, chatbots are always polite and friendly.
They are inexpensive for brands, generate more contacts than human customer service agents and include the possibility to redirect conversations to agents so they can handle contacts with high added-value.

In order to do this, brands have to optimise the bot’s implementation, anticipate the way they will use it and create it accordingly.

Knowing its needs, objectives, the tasks the bot will have to perform and the resources available to enhance the experience it will offer is necessary.

Chat bot branding

Bots are not a miraculous solution

Some recent failures have taught us that artificial intelligence and the current technology still have some limits and can’t be overly automated. The bot that understands all the technicalities of human language and behavior has not yet been created and is not about to be. This is a good thing! Users are still attached to human interactions: there is always a wow effect when users realize they are being supported by a human being and not a robot.

“When they contact a brand, 79% of people prefer human contact to an interaction with a bot”. (TNS Sofres)


Customer Service

Customer service is an important business operation which keeps your company closer to your customers by getting in touch with them. Small sized businesses can take advantage of chatbots in serving their customers by giving them replies and resolving their queries quickly. The chatbot can automate low-value tasks focusing on those that really add value to the company. Chatbots can provide rich contents like images and videos helping the customers better. In any case, if the bot is not able to resolve the issues entirely, then they should hand over to a human advisor in a seamless way.

Better Customer Engagement

Chatbots boosts customer engagement with brands as they offer customers a convenient way (compare to Apps installing) to get the required information. They offer a conversational element that helps in building the relationship via bots. Companies like Sephora have developed their own Chatbot on Kik for driving more engagement with their brand. Sephora has done very good as a personal cosmetics shopping assistant. It understands what customer needs and then provides relevant information. It also uses a short quiz to better understand their customers and to create an experience that is at once personal, automated and authentic. Chatbots can easily gather, monitor and track consumer’s data for smarter marketing strategies. Whereas it can be difficult for humans to concentrate on providing good customer service with collecting a trove of data from a single conversation with the customers.

Cost Reduction

Small businesses can develop predefined scripts for different functions such as replying to issues, giving suggestions etc. All these can reduce your cost of personnel who will do this service by reaching out to prospects just to deliver the same message. Chatbots can be fast enough to this kind of predefined service with less error compared to a human. Also, Personal finance chatbot like Trim assists you to organize your finances. It raised $2.2 million in seed funding for startups and also Trim has saved its users more than $6 million by canceling unwanted subscriptions.

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