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Branding | How Can We Define And Adjust it?

Branding, How can we define it?

A Strategy Challenge – Figuring Out What Matters– Questions to identify and focus on the most vital business and brand strategy issues.

  • If Not Time, Then What Else Matters– Don’t allow long-term and short-term thinking to cloud the important brand strategy issues you need to address.
  • Defining What Your Brand Isn’t– If you’re stuck trying to make your brand extend too far, start with what it isn’t.
  • Brand Expectations and Brand Experience:  A Chicken Case Study– From the customer’s perspective, not yours, do you know the core elements defining your brand?
  • Create a Category – While originally written from a personal branding perspective, the strategic thinking challenge it poses applies to business branding also.
  • Customer Brand Expectations & 7 Steps to Service Failure Recovery – 7 keys to incorporating customer expectations into brand promise, service experience, and service recovery strategies.

How can we adjust our brand strategy?

  • Bad Strategy and Economies of Scale– It can seem like the right move to remove small elements of the brand experience when you have a scale-driven cost savings opportunity, but what’s the brand loyalty impact when customers notice?
  • Creative Thinking for Brand Extension Ideas– Brand extensions can be tricky, but this simple strategic thinking exercise can help in thinking through how other brands’ extension strategies can prompt new directions for your brand.
  • Untangling Your Brand Attributes for Greater Value – Over time, brand attributes can become too bundled and undermine customer value perceptions. When that happens, it is time to rethink ways to deliver branding benefits and value.
  • Strategy in a Full House of Brands – When you have acquired a whole array of brands through M&A activity, making them all fit into one house of brands can become crowded.

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