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Think of a few sites that you like to visit again and again. What makes you keep coming back? Most likely, it’s compelling, relevant, and timely content. Quality articles, tutorials, tips, etc. compel the reader to come back again, and again, and maybe even email some of their friends to come too. The sites that are consistently top ranked in the search engine results have these things in common when it comes to content:

  • Interesting, unique content that is well-written. It meets a need – whether that is for entertainment, for research, for news, etc. x
  • Links that point the searcher to other parts of the site (and more well-written content). Links also help search engines deduce critical information about the site and compel better search results accordingly.
  • Evergreen as well as updated content. “Evergreen” means that the information will not be outdated a month from now.

In addition, if searchers can find what they’re looking for on your site with a minimum of clicks, then you’ve got a very good chance of making them a return visitor. For instance, if your site is all about chickens, but you choose not to have the word chicken anywhere in your site content, then you are doing a disservice to your readers who are looking for chicken information.

This is an extreme example but makes my point: quality Web content must be easy to find, and it must be relevant to what the searcher is looking for.

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Sangeeth Kumar K.S

Chief Consultant & CEO

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