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Followerwonk is a Twitter analytics tool that allows you to search Twitter bios, compare Twitter users, and analyze Twitter followers with a free account. It helps you to get an idea of how well you are connected and who you should connect with. Their analysis tells you a lot about your followers (or people you follow) such as their location, active hours, interest, authority scores, and so on. With the Search Bios function, you can identify influencers within your niche and find like-minds to connect with.


UnfollowerStats examines your friendship on Twitter. It tells you who unfollowed you, who are not following you back, and who you are not following back. What’s more, you can check how active your followers are on Twitter, when they joined Twitter and the relationship between two users. This information can be helpful for you to make decisions about who to follow….or not.

Twitter Analytics

Twitter Analytics is a measurement tool provided by Twitter. It automatically generates a monthly recap for you with the number of your tweets, tweet impressions, profile visits, and new followers. In the tweets tab and members tab, you can see more detail about how your tweets performed and the demographic makeup of your followers. We’ve blogged about how it can be a helpful tool for content marketing as well. Read more here: How to Use Twitter Analytics for Content Marketing.

Simply Measured

Simply Measured has multiple free tools to gauge the performance of your efforts on Facebook pages  Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Google+ page, and even your website. If driving traffic to your site is one of your goals for personal branding, Simply Measured can tell you how your social media channels have helped. It’s Free Social Traffic Report pulls data from Google Analytics and shows you very detailed information about how each of your social platforms is driving traffic to your website.

There are tons of other social media tools, and you may have your favorite ones for personal branding. Please let us know if you have other recommendations or any questions about the tools I have mentioned above.

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