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Its Time To Go Out And Brand


You are your brand. Your brand is you. Wherever you go, there is your brand. Every action you take takes time, every word you speak, every impression you leave, affects how others view your brand.

The post in many ways was a follow up to a post written a few weeks earlier that asked can be seen where the audience is looking. The running theme of both posts was to expand your sphere of influence. Instead of seeing the goal as bringing the web to you see it as giving yourself to the web and being able to influence people beyond your small corner.

Guest Blogging

I offered as an incentive the idea that you could reach a new audience. Two of the blogs I now read daily might never have come to my attention had their authors not blogged elsewhere.

In both cases, a blog post gained my attention and a mental note of the author’s name was made. Neither time did I click immediately back to their sites. But I did become more familiar with names that I then started to notice on other blogs. Second and third posts also caught my attention and in time I did click on a link. Now Chris and Skellie both have a loyal reader.

They each could have used the original post I read on their own site. The content likely would have drawn many links and improved search visibility. But I and others still might not have found that content or the authors. By pushing their content to another site two authors gained subscribers.

Blog Commenting

This is the next way to grow your brand.

Walk brand talk

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